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  • Year 14 Magazine Nº31

    National Motorsport Festival 2018



    The festival started on Friday, February 9th, when in Plaza Liber- tad, in front of the Fangio Museum, the melody of the Argentine National Anthem was heard, beautifully played by Leo Blanco ́s keyboard and Francisco Butzonich’s violin. At that moment and in front of a crowd, the monument dedicated to Juan Manuel Fangio was inaugurated, a life-size work made by the plastic artist Hugo Coluccio, born in the city of Mar del Plata. The figure that immortalizes Fangio, dresses in the competition clothing, with helmet, goggles, overall and competition shoes. The monument was set at the intersection of 17th and 18th streets, just in front of the museum on the sidewalk of Plaza Libertad.

    After this emotional moment, the activity onboard the cars began. Last year, for the same party, the Foundation started with the activity of driving Fangio machines and other renowned pilots around the four blocks of the Plaza Libertad. The initiative was so successful and people enjoyed it so much, that this year the action was repeated. The modality is that outstanding pilots can invite the public (previously put down on a list) to drive the emblematic cars. The engines of “La Coloradita de Bordeu” roared along with the 1940 Chevrolet TC of Juan Manuel Fangio, the “Chunchuna” of Romera and a truck that participated in the 2018 edition of the Rally Dakar.
    The “Paseo de los Campeones”, located on the sidewalk of Fangio Museum, had two new protagonists who joined in 2018. It is also a tribute to the two award-winning Argentine drivers of all time: Juan Maria Traverso and Jorge Cupeiro, who from this moment on, have their respective commemorative plaque on this sidewalk.

    When the evening began, the activity took place in the museum, and the traditional “13o Juan Manuel Bordeu Award” began, to acknowledge the outstanding pilots of zonal categories.
    The awarded people were: Category APAC A: Sebastián López Islas; Category APAC B: Joaquín Jaunarea; Turismo Sport 1850: Roberto López; TC del Sudeste: Ricardo Soteris; Rkarting Re- gional 110cc: Marcos Faveri; Karting Regional 150cc: Gastón Alonso; Karting Regional 200cc: Diego Delgrosso; Karting AZK Promotional category: Sebastián Caram; Karting AZK Category Pre Junior: Leonel Maresca; Karting AZK Junior Category: Lau- taro Rodriguez; Karting AZK Category Sudan: Julian Gonzalez; Karting AZK Master Category: Eduardo Henrik; TC 2000 Atlán- tic: Darío Caparello; Clase 1 Monomarca Fiat: Esteban Casais; Class 2 Monomarca Fiat: Lisandro Ramos; Turismo Especial de la Costa: Ariel Ianni; y Promocinal 850cc: Diego DiFiore.

    Every year, this traditional party gathers different personalities of the national automobile world: pilots, former pilots, businessmen, Juan Manuel Fangio ́s relatives, Juan Manuel Bordeu ́s relatives, friends of the Foundation, city authorities and neighbors. In this edition, the exhibition “Fangio en el Arte” was also inaugurated. The artists Claudia Rizzoli and Jorge Ferreyra Basso wanted to be present in this new edition of the National Festival of Motoring, paying homage to Fangio with 17 works that were exhibited for 30 days.
    In addition, the replica of the Ferrari 250 LM was presented, built by Mario Biscardi, with whom we share an interview published also in this edition of Mundo Fangio.

    As always, Fangio Foundation would like to thank all the people and companies that collaborate to make this possible: Munici- pal Government of Balcarce; Bordeu ́s family; Fangio ́s family; Lions Club; Balcarce Chamber of Commerce; Balcarce Antique Cars Club; Pirelli Argentina; MIX Marketing; Ruben Daray; Jorge Molinatti; Victor Hugo Coluccio; San Alberto Balcarce; Pampa Urbana; Splendor Hotels; Cagnioli and Bodegas La Rural. To all, thank you very much.
    Once again, Juan Manuel Fangio Foundation wanted to pay ho- mage to all pilots from local and regional level, as an incentive and recognition to those who with so much effort and dedication carry on their activity with the passion and dedication that cha- racterizes this sport. We are already preparing ourselves for the next National Motoring Festival and Bordeu Awards. We will be waiting for you in 2019!


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