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  • Year 15 Magazine Nº33

    Hamilton won the 1000 race F1

    The World Champion won this special event in Asia. The first competition of Formula One had taken place on may 13, 1950 at Silverstone, where the winner was the memorable Giuseppe Farina with an Alfa Romeo.


    April 14th , 2019 became the big date for the Formula One, as it was the date that the number 1000 grand prize was at play, nothing more nothing less. Up to that point, a journey that devoted 33 world champion pilots in the 69 seasons, a trip that has Ferrari as the only team present in all competitions and that highlights in each car the technological advances: those that res- pond to mechanics, engineering, design, but also to comfort and safety. An adventure that had just seven episodes in its premiere year and now has 21 chapters in the calendar, although the idea of those who manage the Grand Circus is to achieve a season of 25 Grands Prix. Emerging economies, with the Asian market as leader, advance over the old European landscapes and scena- rios. In A Thousand Grands Prix the F1 visited 32 countries, ran in 72 circuits and although it visited the five continents, at present Africa is falling off the map.

    On a very special day for Formula 1 since it was completing the 1000 races of the history of this competition. The British driver of Mercedes-AMG Petronas Lewis Hamilton won the Chinese Grand Prix at the Shanghai International Circuit and went on to head the classification of the world championship of pilots, after an emblematic dispute with the Ferrari driver. The second place was taken by his teammate, Valtteri Bottas and Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari, completed the podium.

    From the beginning, Hamilton snatched the first place to Bottas, who had started first . Since then, Hamilton did not let it go, only when he entered the pits, but then he regained the place of privilege. “It could have been much more complicated” Hamilton acknowledged after the race, referring to the problems he encou- ntered while training, where Bottas, who is much more compe- titive this season, was always faster. In addition, he added: “At the beginning of the weekend, I was far from Valtteri’s pace, I could have reached third or fourth place but fortunately I found the way to face the race and my great start in the race made the difference”.

    The dream of every driver is to get to debut in Formula 1, to reach the highest category with the fastest cars, the best drivers and all the greatness that has the top of motorsport. A greater dream is to win, to be the first to see the checkered flag, to receive the congratulations of the whole world and to go up to the first step of the podium to listen to your national anthem. Not everyone can achieve that ... those who can, are the best. 


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