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  • Year 15 Magazine Nº33

    Fangio´s cars: Lancia Ferrari D50

    The Lancia D50 monoposto made its first appearance in February 20th, 1954 on the runway of Caselle airport, near Torino and for that year the factory hired the drivers Alberto Ascari and Luigi Villoresi. They will be in charge of setting up a totally new race car, with an advanced technique.


    The D50 engine according to the current F1 was 2500 cc and atmospheric power since the other possibility that the regulation granted was 750 cc with compressor and that had been discar- ded by Jano. It adopted an engine of 8 “V” of 90 degrees, of 2486 cc of displacement projected by Ettore Zacone Mina who was the “motorist” of Lancia House. The cylinders were of 76 mm diameter and the piston stroke 88 mm achieving a power of 235 HP, at 7200 RPM. The distribution was with four camshafts, two per block of 4 cylinders. The high degree of heat of combustion, forced a cooling system by water ducts in a head of cylinders. The fuel supply was of the traditional type which con- sisted of a Solex 40.PIJ double-bodied carburettor system with inverted suction.

    The car weight was of 620 Kg or about 30 Kg less than the Ferrari Squalo and about 70 less than the Mercedes Benz W196. Finally, the Lancia D50 was ready to run in Barcelona Spain in October 24th 1954. 

    Fangio and Lancia Ferrari

    After the contacts made by his manager Marcelo Giamberto- ne, Fangio competes for Enzo Ferrari in 1956, with this Lancia-Ferrari D50.
    Throughout the Season he experiences several problems with the team, until at the Grand Prix of France he threatens to retire. They wanted him to stay so Ferrari accepts his imposition. A mechanic will attend his machine with exclusivity, and everything improves.

    Excluding Indianapolis , as it was a classic for almost all Euro- pean F1 drivers , Fangio participates in seven events and wins in three: Buenos Aires, Silverstone and Nürburgring. He is second to share the points with Peter Collins in Monza and in Monaco. In total, he participates this year in 17 tests, achieving 6 victories and 4 second places.

    Of that total, with Lancia-Ferrari D50 he obtains the following results: GP Argentina: 1st Fangio / Musso; GP Buenos Aires: 1st Fangio; Syracuse GP: 1st Fangio; Silverstone GP: ab. Fangio GP Monaco: 2nd Fangio / Collins; GP Belgium: ab. Fangio; GP France: 4th Fangio; GP England: 1st Fangio; GP Germany: 1st Fangio; GP Italy: 1st Fangio / Collins.

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